Sales Contract

HostZilla is the brand name under which various independent HostZilla companies operate. Each of those companies is a separate and distinct corporate entity

Sales Contract

To use our products or services, you must first enter into a contract with the relevant HostZilla entity. The contract documentation generally consists of Sales Terms and Conditions, Policies, the Services Specifications and the Support and Service Levels.

Sales Terms and Conditions

The Sales Term and Conditions shall apply to all quotations and (web) orders related to the provision of services and/or products by HostZilla.

Acceptable Use Policy

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Services Specifications

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Support and Service Levels

The Support and Service Levels shall apply to all quotations and (web) orders related to the provision of services and/or products by Leaseweb.

The Leaseweb Support and Service Levels sets forth the performance metrics such as service levels, response times, service windows and availability of services provided by Leaseweb. In addition, this Support and Service Levels defines the service credits that a Leaseweb customer may be eligible to, in case Leaseweb does not meet the agreed performance metrics.

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