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The AMD EPYC processors perfectly balance compute usage by delivering high I/O bandwidth - through a large number of PCIe lanes. The EPYC processors allow bigger workloads to run on smaller server models while less sockets are required to reach an equal performance.

This results in significant savings for your workloads at and an attractive price/performance ratio. These servers also have several options for additional amounts of memory.

Our Cloud Product Portfolio Includes

Hybrid Cloud

Your business must constantly adapt to various challenges and changing technological landscapes. Therefore, your entire organization needs to be flexible, especially your infrastructure. Our hybrid cloud solutions can help you adapt to changes and enable your company to grow regardless of the challenges you face.

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Private Cloud

Our private cloud solutions are built on industry-leading platforms and are ideal for any type of workload – from small websites to large-scale enterprise applications. Just select the compute power, memory, network, and storage packs that fit your business needs and we’ll combine them into a pool of resources that provides you with a comprehensive

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Virtual Servers

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) offer a virtualized, cost-effective alternative to dedicated servers. They function like a physical server, but run on a flexible virtualization layer. Our Virtual Servers suit small to medium workloads. They include a free firewall, offer many options for the Linux operating system, bandwidth and contract agreements.

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Microsoft Azure Stack Private Cloud

The power of Microsoft Azure in your own dedicated environment.



Leaseweb Cloud

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