Our Story

Our company started in the clouds. 20 years ago while still working as professional pilots, our Dutch founders understood the importance of reliability and global connections. They crossed borders. They safely brought passengers, crew, and craft around the world.

Witnessing the growth of the internet around the world, our founders envisioned how they could use their skills and experience to build the internet as a service, making it accessible and available to everyone. Today, that same vision remains part of our DNA.

We have always aimed to go beyond expectations. Growing from a startup to a global player is just the beginning. We have the drive, experience, and ambition to go faster and further, while never forgetting the importance of trust and reliability. We’re proud of who we are and excited about the future.

Details About HostZilla

You can easily start using your domain name by transferring it from another hosting provider to HostZilla with just a few clicks! You can easily start using your domain name by transferring

It from another hosting provider to HostZilla with just a few clicks!

Empowering you to Reach a Greater World

Empowering and connecting. That’s what we’re here for. That’s what we enjoy doing. That’s how we help people and businesses succeed. We are fueled by a team of talented and enthusiastic people from over 35 countries who have passion for what they do and are excited to be part of its success. We believe that by connecting people with the right technology, the best team, global opportunities, and one another, you empower them to reach a greater world.


Our focus is on empowering our customers. We understand them. We are responsive to their needs. We save them time, money, and stress. Drawing on our years of experience in the field, we work together with our customers as partners, matching them with the solution that’s right. Through this, we help them make amazing things happen.


Our broad range of cloud hosting solutions resides on one of the fastest and largest global networks. This means that we don’t just connect our customers with the right technology, but also provide reliable access to the evolving digital economy and the digital world as a whole.


For us, success is measured in more than just profits. It’s about doing things the right way. This requires the right team and the right approach. We don’t work on assumptions, we work on experience, common sense, and best practices. That’s why we have assembled a diverse, passionate, and highly skilled team that understands the rapidly changing technological landscape so our customers don’t have to.

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